Technology professionals

Acknowledged. Top prospects for technology professionals

You've learned your trade. You have a solid training and a wealth of experience. You know you deliver good work. And now you’re looking for a position where your potential is recognized and acknowledged. Preferably in an environment where you have the scope to advance your career by developing your personal talents.

FEIG is the place for professionals like you who are seeking a new career challenge. Not just because we always offer exciting new tasks that challenge the most capable people, but also because these challenges are tackled as a team. A group of colleagues who support each other and collaborate on an open, natural and respectful basis.

Mitarbeiter in FEIG Kantine

People at FEIG

We meet eight of them – from trainees to managing director. They tell us about their jobs, what’s important to them and what working for FEIG means to them.

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Working at FEIG

We understand what a vital asset we have in our employees. That’s why it’s important to us to provide an environment in which they feel happy and can be productive and fulfill their potential.