ISO15693 Mid Range Reader Module


For identifying 13.56 MHz transponders

  • 145x85x31 mm (LxWxH)
  • Possible antennas:
    ID ISC.ANT40/30 antenna module
    ID ISC.ANT100/100 antenna module
    ID ISC.ANT310/310 antennaID
    ISC.ANT340/240 pad antenna
    ID ISC.ANTS370/270 shielded pad antenna
  • Interface: USB or RS232
  • Voltage supply: 12...24 V DC
  • Transponders: ISO15693, ISO18000-3-Mode1, ISO18000-3-Mode3 (Upgrade code necessary)

Examples of use:

  • Identification of files and documents
  • Identification of rented goods
  • Libraries

Special features:

  • Anti-collision function
  • Scan mode, FEIG ISO HOST mode