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HF High Performance Handheld Reader ID PRH200-BW with Bluetooth LE Interface and latest WiFi Module

The well-established handheld reader ID PRH200 from FEIG has undergone a major upgrade and is considered the handheld reader with the world's best RFID performance in the library sector.The new communication module provides a modern Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface and a WiFi interface. This enables faster communication in accordance with the latest security standards.

Better integration into library networks thanks to BLE
The application software on a tablet, smartphone or Windows PC often requires a simultaneous connection to the Reader ID PRH200-BW and the library's database. Thanks to the new BLE interface, the reader can be paired quickly and easily with the mobile device. At the same time, it can establish a second permanent connection to the library’s database via WiFi. This eliminates the time-consuming switching of the WiFi interface on the tablet.
Many applications also require direct communication with the user to carry out inventories or search for individual media. For example, a smartphone can now be used to display the required information with a simultaneous connection to the reader and the database.


Increased customer benefits due to WiFi compatibility with the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard
The connectivity of the ID PRH200-BW mobile reader, compatible with the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard, enables faster communication through higher bandwidths and the highest level of security through WPA2 enterprise encryption. In addition, the international bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are now supported, which increases the flexibility and wireless coverage of the network.
Thanks to the future-proof WPA2 Enterprise encryption, a separate network with higher security requirements can now be used in addition to the public WIFI for visitors.


New FEIG SDK GEN 3 and Demo PRH200-BW App
The new SDK Gen 3 improves contactless data transmission in mobile applications. From version V06.07 onwards, it is now also possible to connect the reader to Windows PCs and Android devices via BLE and WIFI.
The simple integration into customer applications is demonstrated by the new PRH200-BW app. With this app, important activities in libraries such as inventories, media search or changing the AFI/EAS byte can be easily demonstrated.


Adjustable transmission power in 0.5W steps
With the button "Power-On / Reader Mode", the reader's HF transmission power can be switched between "Standard Mode" (1.5 W) and the powerful "Boost Mode" (4 W) at the push of a button.
The new function now also allows quick changes between 0.5 W up to 4 W in 0.5 W steps. Due to the finer gradation a more precise localization of the media on the shelf is possible.

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