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Late summer snack at FEIG was a great event

Successful get-together as a thank you to the employees

A wonderful late summer day, delicious food and cold drinks - these were the framework conditions for a successful get-together of numerous employees of FEIG ELECTRONIC

The “late summer snack” was organized by the management as a spontaneous thank you to the workforce. It was and is only possible to manage the company successfully and keep it on track, even in turbulent times, thanks to the high level of commitment shown by the employees.

Numerous employees came together on the extensive company premises to exchange ideas over fried sausage and drinks.

Department affiliations quickly played no role and it was once again impressively shown that FEIG ELECTRONIC, even with more than 450 employees, is a homogeneous entity with a strong sense of belonging.

In any case, the event proved to be a complete success and was certainly not the last of its kind.

Many thanks to everyone who was entrusted with the planning and implementation of the event!

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