Blick in den Fertigungsbereich


When you work at FEIG, you experience every day what it’s like to advance technology – and yourself. Because our employees have the freedom, the incentives, and the scope to do both.

Together, the people at FEIG blaze a trail with their passion for research, discovery, and continual change. They all have the opportunity to develop individually and pursue their chosen path. As an employer, we encourage everyone to make the most of their abilities because we understand what an important asset we have in our team.

Personen in der Fertigung

Joining the FEIG team

Many roads lead to FEIG. Here you can find out which route will take you to your destination – for trainees, students on dual study programs, engineers, information scientists, skilled workers or production assistants.

Mitarbeiter in FEIG Kantine

People at FEIG

We meet eight of them – from trainees to managing director. They tell us about their jobs, what’s important to them and what working for FEIG means to them.

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Working at FEIG

We understand what a vital asset we have in our employees. That’s why it’s important to us to provide an environment in which they feel happy and can be productive and fulfill their potential.

About 400 experts

There are ca. 400 experts in various fields working at FEIG: High-tech specialists in contactless identification, contactless payment solutions, control electronics, and traffic sensors. Through their work they enable people to get around with smart, convenient technology and make easy, secure payments.

At the same time, this is a team of ca. 400 mutually supportive people who help each other to make great things happen. This is where FEIG’s strengths as a medium-sized company come into play: Efficient decision-making, an innovation-friendly culture, and translating knowledge into real results.

High-tech yet down-to-earth

For 50 years, this outlook has shaped everything we do and the way we work together – in an open, family-like team where we keep our promises and treat each other fairly. We are as forward-thinking as we are down-to-earth.

Because even as an international high-tech firm, we never forget our roots. In a region with a high quality of living, which offers everything you need for a relaxed, productive life.


"Würde mich jederzeit wieder für FEIG entscheiden!"


"Würde mich jederzeit wieder für FEIG entscheiden!"

Nach erfolgreicher Ausbildung ins Controlling - ein Interview mit Larissa Lenz.

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With familiy friendliness against skills shortage

The childrens´s day-care center of the city of Weilburg wins a second time the special prize of the competition „Success Factor Family“

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FEIG ELECTRONIC opens branch office in Bad Hersfeld, Germany

New staff will focus its attention to cVEND terminal family for contactless payment

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