Working at FEIG

It’s all about the right mix. Challenging tasks, expert and friendly colleagues – and reliable, encouraging support from FEIG.

The right job, the right team

Here, new team members belong right away. We work to ensure they can quickly get to grips with a new role, for example through thorough induction and tailored training plans.

We help you become part of the dialog and provide a range of support measures. And not just when you first join the team, because we're continually there for our employees. We support your professional development through personal and specialist further training and internal training. By arrangement we can also contribute to the cost of external training courses arranged privately.

Work-life balance

As you would expect from a technology company, we offer a state-of-the-art environment with high-quality facilities and a positive atmosphere that promotes both efficient and enjoyable working.

All this creates a high level of motivation. We also take measures to make sure you can achieve a healthy work-life balance. This includes flexible work organization options such as flexi time and flexi leave (as an alternative to financial overtime compensation). And ‘FEIG family’ means just that, as the FEIG kindergarten shows.

Generous provision and contributions

Finally, there are our provision measures for employees. This includes a company pension scheme, additional capital-forming contributions, and certain additional payments. The salary you get with FEIG builds a solid foundation on which to build.

“FEIG inside” – or why you already know what we do…

As a highly specialized high-tech company, we have been internationally successful for many years because we recognize trends in electronics sooner than others and understand them in more depth. And also because we focus on our strengths: “We don’t do everything, but we do everything well.”

There’s a good chance that you’ve encountered FEIG many times before without realizing it.

For example, when you’re driving your car and you approach the traffic lights, which change to green thanks to an induction loop connected to a FEIG detector. Or when the flow of traffic is electronically controlled to keep it moving smoothly and comfortably. Or when you are guided to a parking lot with free spaces, where your vehicle is detected by sensors and the electronically controlled barrier opens and closes so reliably that you don’t even notice it. Sensors, motion detectors, control elements, radio links, and much more operate in the background to make the road ahead unobstructed, well lit, and safe, wherever you’re going.

You might even have encountered “FEIG inside” in the supermarket. The large doors leading from the store to the stock room open and close very quickly, for example to maintain different temperatures in the two areas. This is made possible by FEIG control electronics.

Many of the products you buy come with RFID chips to protect them from theft or facilitate ongoing stocktaking. More than one million RFID readers from FEIG are in use around the globe. The applications for RFID technology in industry, commerce, logistics, and many other areas are almost unlimited. Finally, our contactless payment terminals make payment processes simple, fast, and secure.

At ticket machines, access locks, on buses and trains, in vending machines and pay machines – you can use your contactless bank or credit card to pay at a FEIG terminal wherever you are.

FEIG technology helps us to keep moving efficiently and comfortably and make easy, secure payments. And that makes us proud.

Personen in der Fertigung

Joining the FEIG team

Many roads lead to FEIG. Here you can find out which route will take you to your destination – for trainees, students on dual study programs, engineers, information scientists, skilled workers or production assistants.

Mitarbeiter in FEIG Kantine

People at FEIG

We meet eight of them – from trainees to managing director. They tell us about their jobs, what’s important to them and what working for FEIG means to them.


FEIG is the main sponsor of the Giessen company


FEIG is the main sponsor of the Giessen company

More than 2,000 athletes started in Giessen

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FEIG supports German young talent competition


FEIG supports German young talent competition

Encouraging clever teenagers with a talent for technology and natural sciences

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Training Champions 2022


Training Champions 2022

Twice the top mark "very good" for FEIG trainees

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26.09. – 27.09.2023


The trade fair for the vending and coffee industry
Olympiapark Munich, Germany
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09.10. – 11.10.2023


The world’s largest public transportation showcase
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Orange County Convention Center, Orlando (FL), USA

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10.10. – 11.10.2023

Transit Ticketing & Fare Collection APAC 2023


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