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UHF Long Range Reader functionality enables low-cost, high-speed vehicle tracking, parking management and gated access control. FEIG’s vehicle access control systems make it easy for system integrators to install in existing access control panels or for stand alone systems.

High Level Security

Vehicle Access Control Systems have to offer a maximum of security and to ensure, that only authorized vehicles enter the facility. For this purpose, the permanent beneficiaries (employees, residents) as well as only temporarily entitled (service providers) receive a transponder as access authorization. To ensure a maximum of security, the used transponders must have special encryption functions. By that the transponders proof their authenticity to the reader by a cryptographic authentication. This is possible due to special application keys that are stored in both, readers and transponders. Cloned transponders can be identified as not authorized and get no access. These secure transponders according to ISO 29167 are fully supported by the FEIG UHF Long Range Reader LRU1002 and other FEIG readers.

Wide Range of RFID Products

RFID-based vehicle access control systems are used in many ways: in commercial parking space management, for access to the company premises or for controlled entry into so-called "gated communities". FEIG offers a variety of different solutions for all applications. For short-range solutions with reading ranges up to 20 cm, various HF readers are available, which are installed as modules or housed readers in or on a column in front of a barrier or speed gate. In this case, authorized persons must stop in front of the barrier and hold their transponder in front of the reader. More convenient for the users are wide-range solutions using UHF long range readers, that identify transponders placed in the license plate or on the windshield from several meters away and therefore the driver does not have to stop. For this, one or more antennas are installed on poles or similar, while the reader is placed in a control cabinet and connected to a host. Finally, for locations without host connections a stand-alone UHF access control reader is available, which is a combination of RFID reader and access controller and can manage almost 9,000 vehicles, offline.

All from one hand: RFID, barrier control units and detectors

FEIG offers system integrators with focus on access control and parking applications not only high-performance RFID technology, but also control units for barrier systems and induction loop detectors. FEIG is one of the world's leading providers of control units for industrial gates and barrier systems with a clear focus on controllers with integrated frequency converters. These provide for fast opening and closing of the gate or the barrier and at the same time for a slow and material-saving reaching of the respective end positions. Single and multi-channel induction loop detectors from FEIG ensure the smooth operation of light signal systems, are used in the context of traffic counting and influencing, and are used in the detecting of vehicles in parking applications. Numerous customers value getting RFID hardware, control technology and sensor technology from one and the same manufacturer to be sure that the components complement each other perfectly.

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Essam Shabaan
General Security Manager of EZDAN Holding Group

"The FEIG RFID Long Range readers helped me a lot to keep the highest control factors and monitoring of all the properties under my management for a long time. The system is performing in a very fast response manner with a very rigid environmental specification that matching our weather conditions of 55 C / humidity up to 85% where the reader is installed outdoor for more than 3 years and preforming at it's best".

Bob Moroz
President, RFID Canada

"FEIG´s vehicle access control allows us to utilize long range UHF RFID where it hasn´t been convenient in the past. It has a range of up to 52 feet (16 meters) and provides fast and secure throughput for parking areas, gated communities and facilities."

Further Applications for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

  • Commercial Parking Space Management
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Fleet Management
  • Rental Car Management
  • Logistics Transportation

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