Make access controls efficient and convenient
with precisely tailored RFID solutions

Make your vehicle identification, access control and parking management convenient, economical and extremely secure. Powerful, efficient HF and UHF systems make this possible. They can be integrated into existing access solutions or used as stand-alone systems. 

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Full security and control thanks to
hardware encryption and user management

Ensure maximum security with cryptographic authentication methods. The reader and transponder comply with ISO 29167 security standards and use a unique facility key for encryption. Since this key cannot be copied, it is not possible to make an unauthorized transponder clone. The myAXXESS Manager allows you to conveniently manage authorizations from time regulation to local access restrictions in a targeted manner.

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Maximum reliability thanks to
maximum-performance RFID products

Whether for close-range solutions with reading ranges up to 10 cm or long-range solutions up to 10 m, our HF and UHF readers offer complete performance - specially adapted to the respective application. Our RFID modules or housing readers are extremely easy to handle and reliable in operation - even under demanding conditions. As a stand-alone solution, the combination of RFID reader and access controller can manage more than 4,000 vehicles or transponders offline. For larger projects, the host-based solution offers maximum control. 

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Further Applications for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)

  • Commercial Parking Space Management
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Fleet Management
  • Rental Car Management
  • Logistics Transportation

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Einfach und effizient


Einfach und effizient

RFID-basierte Zufahrts- & Zugangskontrollsysteme und ihre Vorteile. Ein Interview mit Manuel Haertlé, Senior Produktmanager bei FEIG.

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RFID solution from FEIG automates vehicle access control at Schreiner Group headquarters

RFID solution from FEIG automates vehicle access control at Schreiner Group headquarters

The high-tech company Schreiner Group is now relying on powerful RFID long range readers from FEIG ELECTRONIC for the automatic vehicle access control of their parking spaces.

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Video: UHF Technology allows Access without Stopping

Video: UHF Technology allows Access without Stopping

More comfort is not possible: secure vehicle access control without stopping thanks to RFID

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