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When used in public transport systems, contactless payment terminals and RFID solutions from FEIG meet both the expectations of users and the requirements of operators: from the users' point of view, payment systems should be secure, reliable, fast and simple – for operators they also have to be efficient, flexible, transparent and easy to operate.
So it does not surprise that manufacturers of validators, access gates, ticket machines, rental bicycles and charging stations also use FEIG products worldwide as well as payment service providers (PSPs).

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Extensive Terminal Family fpr Open Loop & Closed Loop

The cVEND terminal family is a balanced platform for several fields of application and meets the various demands for variable usage options due to its Multi Application Architecture. This means that within an application and alongside several credit card schemes, a large number of closed loop cards are accepted. All this, without any latency delays for any card types. This results in high transaction speeds without delays for users/customers and easy migration from closed loop to open loop systems.

The terminals are available in different variants:
As an OEM terminal for flush integration into non-conducting environments (cVEND plug), as a payment terminal with housing for integration into metallic environments (cVEND box/box+) and as PIN-Pad Terminal with integrated NFC unit for Tap & PIN applications (cVEND PIN).

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High Level Security

FEIG ELECTRONIC is an advocate for the highest security levels. Only a system that obeys the latest security standards can be trusted by end users and ensure maximum investment security for system integrators and operators.
Every cVEND payment terminal is EMVCo and PCI PTS approved, capable of running P2PE applications and offers a secure embedded Linux operating system with an SDK for application development on internal cryptographic processing.

Moreover, FEIG ELECTRONIC recently received a PCI P2PE KIF certification. The certification confirms, that the security room („Key-Injection-Facility“(KIF)) which is operated by FEIG meets the high requirements of the PCI P2PE standard. This means that the electronic key material from payment service providers or customers will be stored and injected into the several cVEND payment terminals, absolutely secure. Thus, FEIG acts for the P2PE solution as a component service provider for key material as well as key loading.   

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Numerous possible uses for cVEND payment terminals

The application possibilities for cVEND payment terminals are very versatile - everywhere, where unattended payment transactions are offered, the terminals can be used. This ist he case at toll plazas, vending machines, ticketing machines, charging stations or rental stations for bikes. The contactless payment with credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards or the equivalent in the wallet of a smartphone saves users a lot of time and effort. The operators, however, can safe the expensive and complex handling of cash and look forward to sales increases, which often go hand in hand with the more convenient payment process.
In public transport, the terminals are used primarily in validators, on-board computers, access gates and ticket machines. The benefits of fast and secure payment are increasing the number of users of (intermodal) transport systems in many places, especially among non-native users, who also make a contribution to protecting the environment.


RFID Readers for Closed Loop Applications

Beside contactless payment terminals FEIG offers several RFID readers for closed loop applications. Especially HF reader modules are used in ticket machines, train conductor terminals and info terminals of systems in which it is not intended to use account-based ticketing.
In addition, various readers for desktop applications are offered, for example at ticket counters for recharging RFID-based loyalty cards.

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Applications in Public Transport & Ticketing

  • Fare Management
  • Ticketing
  • Parking
  • Bike Sharing
  • Charging Stations
  • Vending

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Milestone for e-mobility: Universal payment system cVEND box+ embedded in charging stations from Wirelane


Milestone for e-mobility: Universal payment system cVEND box+ embedded in charging stations from Wirelane

FEIG ELECTRONIC today announced a cooperative venture with Wirelane to embed FEIG ELECTRONIC cVEND box+ payment terminals into Wirelane’s “Light & Charge” charging stations. The move makes electric vehicle charging secure, easy and customer-friendly.

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cVEND plug enables contactless payment on Oldenburg buses


cVEND plug enables contactless payment on Oldenburg buses

Verkehr und Wasser GmbH (VWG) equipped its buses with contactless payment terminals from FEIG at the turn of the year. This means that from now on, passengers around Oldenburg can buy their tickets in a contactless and therefore particularly hygienic way directly on the bus.

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With its cVEND terminal family, FEIG has become a partner of the Visa Ready for Transit program


With its cVEND terminal family, FEIG has become a partner of the Visa Ready for Transit program

Since May 2020, through its cVEND terminal family, FEIG ELECTRONIC has become a certified partner of the Visa Ready for Transit program. Visa Ready for Transit makes it easier for public transport fare management system operators to identify manufacturers’ contactless payment systems that satisfy Visa’s requirements.

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