Hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearables

FEIG ELECTRONIC presents with HyWEAR compact the new hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearable that makes logistical processes more efficient by freeing both hands to perform work and relieves the employee.

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More efficiency for logistical processes

Two-handed work is faster, easier and more efficient. HyWEAR compact is a combination of a powerful electronic unit that can identify barcodes and UHF RAIN RFID transponders and a comfortable handcuff. This can be worn over a work glove. As a wearable device, the worker's hands are completely unencumbered to pick up and move items.
The use of HyWEAR compact saves several seconds compared to conventional scanners or handheld readers when identifying a barcode or an RFID transponder per article because there is no need to pick up handles such as the handheld device, perform the scan and put it back. The data acquisition with the HyWEAR compact takes place in the same motion sequence as grasping the article. This avoids time-consuming movements and unnecessary workloads.

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Direct process integration via WiFi (2.4GHz / 5GHz) with roaming function

HyWEAR compact´s state-of-the-art WiFi offers the highest level of convenience with the ability to roam from one radio cell to another without special receiving stations. WLAN roaming allows the HyWEAR compact to automatically switch from one radio cell to the next without logging in - the device transparently connects to the new WLAN access node as it moves within range of stronger node, seamlessly integrating into existing process chains. In addition, several devices within a radio cell can be connected to the Ethernet via WLAN.

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Long-life battery increases flexibility and lowers costs

HyWEAR compact has a high capacity, long-life, rechargeable battery that powers the device for the duration of a working shift. Should the battery require replacement during a work period, it can easily be replaced with another fully charged battery.
The modularity of this design lowers the maintenance costs.

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Great variety of applications

HyWEAR compact is an ideal tool for use in warehouse, distribution, manufacturing, baggage handling, parcel delivery and logistics operations where workers physically handle items such as picking, packing, delivering or moving goods in the performance of their job while also tasked to collect data. As a wearable device, the worker's hands are completely unencumbered to pick up and move items.

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Portrait Markus Desch

Markus Desch

"Wearables, such as the HyWEAR compact, are useful wherever processes can not run automatically. All objects that are not covered by an automated solution due to their size, their design or the material used can be reached and identified in one step. Fast, efficient and ergonomic - that's what Industry 4.0 stands for. "

Portrait Andreas Binder

Andreas Binder

"With the HyWEAR compact, a completely new device has been created that offers numerous features in onecompact design and does not impair the employee in his movements in the work environment. "

HyWEAR applications

  • Order Picking
  • Material Supply
  • Production Logistics
  • Assembly and Production
  • Internal Logistics
  • Goods Handling
  • Baggage Handling at Airports
  • Car Production
  • PhWaste Disposal Companies

Typical applications for HyWEAR compact

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A new partnership between proLogistik and FEIG ELECTRONIC is making logistics more efficient

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