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Milestone for e-mobility: Universal payment system cVEND box+ embedded in charging stations from Wirelane

FEIG ELECTRONIC today announced a cooperative venture with Wirelane to embed FEIG ELECTRONIC cVEND box+ payment terminals into Wirelane’s “Light & Charge” charging stations. The move makes electric vehicle charging secure, easy and customer-friendly.

Improving User Experience
Wirelane provides solutions for charging infrastructure and e-mobility. For their latest generation of charging stations, they wanted to simplify the payment process for electric vehicle charging. Historically, electric vehicle users faced many different charging and access systems that required a vendor-specific card or online pre-registration with each provider. With about 285,000 charging stations in the EU, access was complicated.

Wirelane saw a solution in FEIG’s cVEND box+ that would streamline electric vehicle charging and payment. Current EU charging station regulations only required operators to offer a credit card payment option. With Light & Charge, users can pay quickly and spontaneously using convenient, popular methods like an NFC-enabled credit, debit or girocard (widely used in Germany). They can also easily pay with smartphone wallets such as Google, Samsung or Apple Pay. This new generation of charging stations makes payments for e-mobility users simple and convenient.

FEIG's cVEND box+ intentionally goes beyond heritage payment system limitations. Loading and payment processes are touchless and emphasize user-friendliness. Hold the card, smartphone or wearable up to the payment terminal, fill up with electricity, drive away and immediately receive a digital receipt. No registration is required, and there are no payment hurdles.

Supporting e-Mobility and Contactless Payment
"Wirelane is an ambitious manufacturer of charging stations driving the spread of e-mobility as rigorously as FEIG is driving contactless payment with our flexible, usable terminals,” said Eric W. Pitts, Senior Manager, Payment at FEIG ELECTRONIC. “The cVEND box+ enables Wirelane to produce and set up convenient charging stations. Together we are promoting e-mobility in Europe.”
"Our motto is ‘Charge. Pay. Done.’ We want to make charging possible for electric vehicle users anytime and anywhere,” adds Constantin Schwaab, CEO of Wirelane. “This requires reliable charging systems with easy, barrier-free access. In our view, simple charging is contactless, requires no preregistration and provides fast, electronic receipts. The cooperation with FEIG ELECTRONIC is an important milestone in realizing our vision of nationwide charging."
FEIG and Wirelane view contactless, secure, ad-hoc payment as a chance to overcome the current limitations in charging station roaming. Fast, uncomplicated payment enables station operators to ensure pricing transparency, promote charging station use and increase revenues.

Cooperation for Greater e-Mobility
By integrating FEIG’s cVEND box+ smart payment solution into Wirelane’s reliable "Light & Charge" series, the companies are taking action to jointly promote cashless payment acceptance in Europe and support charging station operators’ business success.
FEIG’s software ensures reliable data exchange so payment information moves directly and securely to the payment service provider or payment processor. The payment terminal also supports Wirelane by enabling billing that is highly accurate and complies with calibration law. FEIG cVEND provides the charging station operator with the data required for the digital payment receipt via data exchange.

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