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New UHF Directional Reader Solution for Tracking Flow of People and Assets

With its sleek design, the UHF Directional Reader Solution can now track people and assets in real time, making it ideal for industrial settings, busy hospitals and much more.

FEIG ELECTRONIC, a leading global supplier of RFID readers and antennas, introduced its new UHF Directional Reader Solution (ID ISC.ANT.U500/270-DM), which is capable of identifying the location and direction an RFID tag is moving, even in congested situations. With excellent RFID and 3-D read rates, the new UHF Directional Reader Solution offers a cost-effective solution, making it ideal for the healthcare industry, pharmaceutical inventory tracking, event management, logistics, and access control.
FEIG’s new complete reader solution reads UHF RFID (RAIN RFID) EPC Class 1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C tags, and includes the RFID antenna and reader in one housing with high-level read performance and 3-D detection. Equipped with comprehensive service software, the UHF Long Range Reader’s modern design enables it to be mounted directly in ceilings or walls for a discreet appearance, without requiring a dedicated portal or extra protection hardware.  
The UHF Directional Reader Solution can now track people and assets in real time, making it ideal for industrial settings where logistical tracking is required. “If the UHF Directional Reader Solution is mounted at a company's dock doors, it can identify the direction in which a tagged box or pallet is moving,” says Carsten Berlips, product manager for FEIG ELECTRONIC. “Our new UHF Reader can even track the flow of patients in a crowded hospital as they move through a busy corridor, monitoring which patient is coming in or out of the surgery room.”

Key Features of the New UHF Long Range Reader

  • Long Range RFID Performance
  • RFID Transponder Direction Detection
  • Combined Reader and Antenna in one housing
  • Modern Design
  • Optocoupler input and output
  • Different Mounting Solutions including VESA bracket
  • Easy Installation
  • Dimensions 506 x 275 x 103 mm (WxHxD)
  • 3D-Read Rates
  • International licenses for FCC (USA), ETSI (Europe) and IC (Canada)
  • Flexible IT Integration with  interfaces for USB, Ethernet (TCP/IP) and SDKs for Windows, Linux, Java and more

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