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Reordering products, material or tools

With mobile Hybrid Scanners from FEIG it becomes easy, safe and error-free

In today´s industry, warehouse management and ordering processes are not fully automated, that means even in 2018 columns of numbers are typed down manually in many material orders and transferred via phone, fax or e-mail – this costs valuable time, is faulty and absolutely unnecessary!

With its PANMOBIL product range for portable solutions, FEIG ELECTRONIC offers with the "Smart Order Solution" a smarter way to place orders. Through the use of mobile hybrid scanners, the ordering process is brought directly to the warehouse shelf or the workshop and the product to be ordered is scanned directly. Even automatic ordering directly from catalogues is possible if each article is assigned a tiny 2D code. This leads to error-free orders, a drastic reduction of returns and, by simplifying the ordering process, sales increases by up to 35%.

Source of errors in ordering

Any false order ensures cost and trouble.
Manual orders are prone to errors because article numbers are forgotten, confounded, noted illegibly, or falsely transmitted.
Orders due to specified order intervals lead to errors or overstock, as the real-time requirements are not recorded.
All these errors lead to returns, additional shipping and handling costs and dissatisfied customers.

Smart Order Solution

Smart Order Solution is an innovative ordering system that facilitates fast and correct orders. Using mobile RFID / barcode scanners like smartSCANNDY® or powerlineECCO® from FEIG enables anyone to make complex orders without errors. Scanning can be done either from a catalogue, directly at a product itself or at the warehouse shelf. By pushing only one button the code will be scanned and the product will be added to the ordering cart. After all the desired products have been detected, the scanner needs to be connected via USB to any windows computer with internet connection and after only a few seconds the shopping cart is 100% correctly transferred to the desired web-shop or is part of an e-mail order.

Internet of Scanning®

A good ordering system is characterized by its flexibility. The "Internet of Scanning®" means, that barcode and RFID scanners are equipped with a middleware that transfers the scanned data exact to the location where you want it - without installation or manual effort.
The Smart Order Solution does not require any special software or drivers for the application. With the “EMMWare Scout” middleware already installed on all mobile barcode / RFID scanners, every user can choose which web address, e-mail address, FTP server or ERP system the data should be transferred to after scanning. In addition, the devices have all the transfer options that are used in businesses today, no matter if wireless, Bluetooth, mobile or USB and connect automatically with the existing technology in operation.
Finally, your data is always in sync on any current device through bidirectional data exchange between the scanners, smartphones, tablets, industrial terminals and web servers.

Well-known logistics professionals are already using thousands of devices

The portable AutoID solutions of the PANMOBIL product line have been successfully used by many logistics professionals for several years. For example, leading companies such as WÜRTH and Hommel Hercules sell thousands of mobile devices to their customers to simplify and improve ordering processes.
Beside the already mentioned standard products smartSCANNDY® and powerlineECCO®, WÜRTH also uses with the ORSY®scan a customer-specific solution that exactly meets their requirements for a mobile scanner solution.

The practical experience clearly demonstrates the customer benefits presented here: data collection and data transmission of item data with mobile scanners is easier for the customers and reduces the error rate. The mobile devices also enable order entry anywhere, without any PC connection.
The simplified solution has increased customer loyalty and increased the order quantities so that a classic win-win situation can be identified for both the supplier and the customer.

About the product line PANMOBIL

The formerly “advanced PANMOBIL solutions GmbH & Co. KG”, hardware and integration specialist for portable solutions, was acquired by FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH on March 1st 2018 to expand FEIG´s product portfolio by mobile hybrid scanners.
The brand “PANMOBIL” will continue to be used as the name for the product line „Portable Solutions“ within the IDENTIFICATION business division of FEIG, that also offers RFID hardware components for LF, HF and UHF.

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